Saturday, October 10, 2009

Killer Hill Fantasy League

One fantasy football league we started organizing this summer was with my old New York gang. You see, my big interest in sports came because of my childhood. Its a funny thing, people ask me how I became such a sports fan and where that came from. Well, it wasn't so much from my parents, as they were not really into sports that much. The love of sports and learning about them took place with my friends on the block. As, my first memories of playing sports was among the neighborhood kids.

The first game I can remember playing was the game of pickle. In this game, it represented first and second base with a fielder at each base. But, we had no real bases, it was just the idea we did. The guy in the middle would be the person in the pickle trying to get back between the invisible bases. It was the fielders who would try to make the out.

For football, we played tackle football among the neighborhood kids. This meant about 5 on 5 if we were lucky. There were no field goals. Two receptions were a first down. We would draw up the play that mainly consisted of you go long or you go short. There was no terminology of a curl pattern, or anything more than that. After a TD, you would pass it down field rather than a kickoff. We would be out there for hours. I never remember many injuries despite the lack of pads.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 3 League 2

League 2:

2QB - S. Wallace, Ben Roethlisberger,Daunte Culpepper, Matt Hasselbeck

Ben Roethlisberger :
Aaron Rodgers couldn't do it, but Big Ben should put up good numbers against the Bengals. The Steelers have been known for their run game and defense. Passing has not been their strength, but what a difference a year makes. Pittsburgh is the 8th best passing team this year and rank near the end in rushing. Look for Roethlisberger to find Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes and continue his aerial assault.
Anquan Boldin
So as the Cards face a Tampa 2 defense (Indy) who focuses stopping the long pass, we expect Boldin to get some quick passes to allow him to make a play. Being that he seems to have no ill-effects from a lingering hamstring issue that plagued him in pre-season and in Week 1, we expect good numbers this week and for him to get in the end zone.
The entire Redskins offense stinks and until they shake off the stench, I'm keeping Campbell on the bench.
Santana Moss:
It’s put up or shut up time for Moss in week 3. It doesn’t get any easier than a match up with Detroit and he should finally earn his keep. Moss torched the Lions last season with 9 catches for 140 yards and a TD and Detroit’s secondary isn’t looking much improved in 2009. [more]

3RB - Brandon Jacobs , Felix Jones, Clinton Portis, Caddilac Williams, Chris Wells
3WR - Anquan Boldin, Santana Moss, Antwan Randel El, Michael Clayton, Justin Gage

Anquan Boldin 12.5, Justin Gage 9.2, Santana Moss 9.0, Antwaan Randle El 6.2, Michael Clayton 5.7

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week 3NFL Fantasy choices

League 1:

1QB - Rivers
2RB - Steve Jackson , Willis McGahee, Caddilac Williams, Steve Slaton, Chris Wells
Steven Jackson vs. Packers: Packers (18th vs. run) allowed 151 rushing yards to Bengals in Week 2 loss.

Fantasy Tailgate:
Cadillac Williams - Doing well, possible comeback player of the year BUT facing a Giants Defense that can and has dominated.

Steve Slaton vs. Jacksonville
After two disappointing outings, this guy is due to bust out against an ordinary Jacksonville run defense that has allowed the 11th-most fantasy points to running backs during the first two weeks.
Ray Rice/Willis McGahee vs. Cleveland

One week can make a big difference. It was McGahee who ended up the featured back against the Chargers, posting 15 carries and 2 touchdowns to Rice’s 8 carries and 0 touchdowns. This one could end up being an even time share, much to the dismay of Rice owners. For this week, consider both RB2/flex options against a Browns defense that has already surrendered 376 yards and 5 touchdowns. If you own both, flip a coin.

3WR - Percy Harvin, Johnny Knox, Roy Williams, Hines Ward, Louis Murphy, Lav Coles

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Canes do it again

Monday, September 07, 2009

Held out?

So some parents are worried about the impact of the Obama talking to their children, but have no problem with their own kids watching Hannah Montana. I find it sad that this is what politics have come to, that parents are fearing the office of the president.

Stimulus Question-mark

After reading this article it references these figures that has been payed out to help with recession:
  • $60 billion of the $288 billion in promised tax cuts to U.S. households
  • $84 billion of the $499 billion in spending has been paid.
  • $200 billion has been promised to certain projects, such as infrastructure and energy projects.
Thus, there is a chance we shall be doing better with the economy as opposed to doing nothing. However, will these be long or short trem effects.

As, it seems unemployment is still on the ropes, even in North Carolina.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Looking Overseas

The myths...

Canada long lines?

Life expectancy is longer in Canada, and its infant mortality rate is lower than that of the U.S.

In Britain, the government itself runs the hospitals and employs the doctors.

The second route to universal coverage leaves the actual delivery of health care in private hands, but the government pays most of the bills. That’s how Canada and, in a more complex fashion, France do it.

third route to universal coverage relies on private insurance companies, using a combination of regulation and subsidies to ensure that everyone is covered. Switzerland offers the clearest example: everyone is required to buy insurance, insurers can’t discriminate based on medical history or pre-existing conditions, and lower-income citizens get government help in paying for their policies.

Speaking of preventive care

Monday, August 24, 2009

The House that Jerry Jones Built

In the Cowboys new home, a punt by Titans hits the new video board. Jerry Jones claims the Titans purposely tried to hit it:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rules of the Game

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow gives a comparison between hoops and votes in regard to the filibuster 60 votes, and then the 80 votes on healthcare.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Public Snafu

Its looks as if after the public option goes from essential to a sliver to nothing, then the Employer Mandated health insurance will be the next thing that is shredded to pieces.

In my experience, most small companies initially take care of their employees with decent benefits. But, as costs go up, they seem to switch to the inferior plans that are cost prohibitive on the employee, but easier on the employer on monthly costs.

I need to read here on what states that do mandate coverage and how that has worked out.

I need to read HR3200 some more, or listen to it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Joe Ponanski Clearly

Joe Ponanski, one of my favorite sports writers, who just was hired at Sports Illustrated is interviewed at Real Clear Sports.