Saturday, October 10, 2009

Killer Hill Fantasy League

One fantasy football league we started organizing this summer was with my old New York gang. You see, my big interest in sports came because of my childhood. Its a funny thing, people ask me how I became such a sports fan and where that came from. Well, it wasn't so much from my parents, as they were not really into sports that much. The love of sports and learning about them took place with my friends on the block. As, my first memories of playing sports was among the neighborhood kids.

The first game I can remember playing was the game of pickle. In this game, it represented first and second base with a fielder at each base. But, we had no real bases, it was just the idea we did. The guy in the middle would be the person in the pickle trying to get back between the invisible bases. It was the fielders who would try to make the out.

For football, we played tackle football among the neighborhood kids. This meant about 5 on 5 if we were lucky. There were no field goals. Two receptions were a first down. We would draw up the play that mainly consisted of you go long or you go short. There was no terminology of a curl pattern, or anything more than that. After a TD, you would pass it down field rather than a kickoff. We would be out there for hours. I never remember many injuries despite the lack of pads.